One of the best parts of summer is, without a doubt, your swimming pool. Though, if you’re particular with your environmental issues and cost, summer is more enjoyable if you can do something about saving your swimming pool water. Despite when it leaks out, evaporate, or sloshes out during playtime, the great news is that you can actually do something about it. Keep on reading this article to know the helpful tips on how to save water in your swimming pool.  

Prevent backwash loss 

A lot of gallons of water can possibly be lost every time a backwash happens. A backwash implicates a reversal water flow inside filter tanks using sand filters and DE filters. The backwash takes place to get rid of the dirt and restore the right flow rates. Various techniques for minimizing this kind of water loss involve using robot pool cleaners for the dirt and debris to be eliminated before reaching to the filter, using separation tanks and using larger pool filters.  

If you have a dog that likes to swim in your pool, you might be shocked knowing that plenty of water loss can happen because of his activities. You can help save pool water when you restrict a limit swim time for your dogs, maybe to hours if the family is home.  

Repair water leaks 

 When you get a quality pool maintenance services from Cedar Park Pool Cleaning Services and Maintenance, your pool expert can aid you to determine and spot indicators of water leak. A pool leak isn’t always apparent since some things result in water loss every day.  

When your everyday water loss goes more than ¼” every day, it’s more likely that your pool has leaks. When this happens, it can literally cost you several thousands of gallons every week especially when there’s so much a small drip on a piece of equipment. The areas where leaks might form include in skimmers and returns, crack in concrete, and vinyl linings.  

Prevent water evaporation 

Evaporation is the main reason of water loss. Every warm-weather day means that water is lost by another quarter of an inch. You can help slow the evaporation process down by making sure that your water will be kept cool as you can endure. When the surroundings of your pool do not have hedges, think about planting a few or maybe construct a fence nearby to block the wind. Moreover, one of the most effective way to minimize the pool water evaporation is to use a pool cover. Liquid solar blankets and solar pool covers can help stop water loss.  

Moreover, turning off water features if not in use can help stop unnecessary pool water evaporation. A rock waterfall might be a wonderful sight, however, the trickling water can result to more significant and quicker water loss.  

If you want to have your pool repaired or you want to install one on your backyard, never think twice to contact us now for more information.